Your company is under investigation. Or maybe you suspect it will be in the future. What should you do with its computer files, documents and other potential evidence? Here’s a hint: step away from the paper shredder.

In episode three of his new five-part podcast, “Federal Agents at the Door,” Matthew D. Lee explains your obligation to preserve evidence. Matt, a former Justice Department trial attorney and partner in Fox Rothschild’s White-Collar Criminal Defense & Regulatory Compliance Practice, tells you how to avoid facing obstruction of justice charges.

In Episode One: Target, Subject or Witness? Matt provided an overview and explained how your status in a probe should affect your overall response. In Episode Two: Responding to a Warrant, he outlined how to respond when investigators arrive at your door. Now, he discusses why it’s important to preserve paper and electronic documents, even before an investigation is launched.

If you prefer, download the transcript.