Our colleague Jana Volante Walshak has published an article addressing the steps that businesses can take now to protect themselves against qui tam actions related to the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program. Many organizations may have thought the “hard part” was over when they received loans under the Paycheck Protection Program. In reality, the hard

Our colleagues Oksana Wright and Charles DeMonaco have published an article in Corporate Compliance Insights discussing management and corporate compliance measures for companies to prioritize during the uncertainty posed by COVID-19 pandemic.  You can read their article here.

Please check out Fox Rothschild’s coronavirus resource page, which is available here.

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The Internal Revenue Service has published two Frequently Asked Questions about how taxpayers can seek release of tax levies and federal tax liens due to hardship circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The FAQs can be found at the bottom of the IRS web page entitled “IRS Operations During COVID-19: Mission-critical functions continue,” which is

Fox Rothschild attorneys Marissa Koblitz Kingman and Joseph A. DeMaria have published a client alert addressing the risks that state price gouging laws pose to retailers during states of emergency.  You can read their alert here.

Please check out Fox Rothschild’s coronavirus resource page, which is available here.

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On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at 9:30 a.m. ET, Fox Rothschild partner Matthew D. Lee will present a webinar entitled “Federal Tax Enforcement in the Age of COVID-19.” The COVID-19 pandemic and the President’s declaration of a national emergency has upended the Internal Revenue Service’s enforcement agenda in a dramatic way, both in the short

In response to the unprecedented public health crisis unfolding across the country, Fox Rothschild’s White-Collar Criminal Defense & Regulatory Compliance Group has assembled a COVID-19 Compassionate Release Task Force to assist with compassionate release cases of non-violent offenders in jails and prisons throughout the United States.

Close quarters, lack of access to appropriate health care

The declaration of a national emergency can trigger insider trading inquiries focused on the owners of a stock portfolio, 401(k) plan or brokerage account if they sold before or after the emergency was declared.

Fox Rothschild’s Securities Industry Practice presents an informative session on how to respond when confronted with questions from investigators and an